Services for Challenged Businesses

waterglasstinyWhether your company is experiencing issues related to the general business climate, a loss of a major customer, stricter credit   policies, or a declining industry, Saddle Creek can provide solutions specifically to address your problems.

We are responsive to management’s needs and provide support in the turnaround management process and corporate renewal.  We work closely with the management and staff, initiating their involvement in all stages of strategy development.

A typical client has such problems as lack of working capital, shortages of cash, under-utilized assets, management turnover, deteriorating credit rating, creditor anxiety, and loss of market share.  Many of these problems are influenced by external factors such as economic changes, technological acceleration, increased foreign and domestic competition, interestrate changes, and legal and political factors.  These factors, however, are often controllable through management action.  Our goal is to help our clients identify strategic opportunities and translate those opportunities into a series of action steps.

Services include:

  • Corporate Profit Revitalization
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Informal Trade Debt Restructuring
  • Raising Capital
  • Resizing Cost Structure

For companies in a crisis situation, Saddle Creek provides an assessment of strengths and weaknesses in finance, operations, staffing, economics of the present business configuration, and overall viability.  With this information, we concentrate on the strategies to:

  1. Stabilize the Company
  2. Implement a Turnaround Program
  3. Chart a Course for Long-term Growth and Profitability


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