Sale of a Business

bookcasetinySaddle Creek, works as lead dealmaker in concert with Woodbridge International on all sell-side engagements.  Woodbridge has over 21 offices located in North America, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and Australia providing true global reach to mid-market companies.

Saddle Creek, using Woodbridge’s unique “M&A without borders” approach, leverages global reach with technology to generate a large pool of buyers for your business.  As a result, we can achieve the highest deal value for your company. Our added value is derived from offering expert consultation throughout the transaction process, including:

  • Valuation & Strategy Development
  • Identification of Potential Buyers
  • Preparing and Presenting the Company
  • Negotiation and Selection
  • Transaction Closing and Post-Closing Matters

The divestiture process includes numerous pitfalls and unanticipated contingencies and therefore, requires innovative, proven professionals who can successfully achieve the desired result in a timely manner.  

Our Proven Process is designed to:

  • Maximize Sale Proceeds
  • Complete a Transaction in a Timely and Orderly Manner
  • Reduce the Risk of the Transaction Crashing
  • Limit Interference with Running of the Business

We have an extensive database of active buyers to draw upon and a significant network with private equity firms, investment bankers and other professionals. If necessary, we can bring a full team of proven professionals to an engagement, including accountants, tax specialists and attorneys.

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