Insights For Mid-Market Companies

Sharing thoughts and insights based on my experience and observations.

How Three Moves Quadrupled the Value of this Business

Are you stumped trying to figure out how to create some recurring revenue for your business? You know those automatic sales will make your business more valuable and predictable, but the secret to transforming your company is to think less about what’s in it for you and more about coming up with a reason for […]

How to Outshine Your Industry Peers

10 Things That Make Your Business More Valuable Than That of Your Industry Peers The value of your company is partly determined by your industry.  However, within an industry there can be major variations in valuation and the following items seemed to lead to those differences. Recurring Revenue  – The more revenue you have from […]

The Hidden Goal of the Smartest Business Owners

What are your business goals for the year?  If you’re like most owners, you have a profit goal you want to hit.  You may also have a top line revenue number that’s important to you.  While those goals are important, there is another objective that may have an even bigger payoff:  building a valuable business. […]

Business Valuation: What is My Business Worth?

Your business is likely your largest asset so it’s normal to want to know what it is worth.  The problem is business valuation is a “subjective science”.  The science part is what people learn with an MBA or professional credentials.  The subjective part is that every buyer’s circumstances are different, and therefore two buyers could […]

Growth vs Value: Not All Revenue is Created Equal

When you look ahead to next year, will your growth come from selling more to your existing customers or finding new customers for your existing products and services? The answer may have a profound impact on the value of your business. Chasing “bad” revenue by offering a wide array of products and services is common […]

How to Get a Big Company Multiple for Your Business

Big public companies trade at a significant premium over small businesses in the same industry because investors perceive big, sophisticated companies as a safer bet than small, owner-dependent companies.  So how do you get a public company-like multiple for your business? One approach is to look for a strategic buyer.  Unlike a financial buyer that […]

Power Ratios to Start Tracking

The more data you have, the more productive your company can become.  This in turn will increase the value and make your company more attractive.  Here are some ratios which provide a different way to asses your business: Employees per Square Foot – By calculating the number of square feet of office space you rent and […]

Will Your Business be More Valuable this Time Next Year?

Most business owners set goals that focus on hitting certain revenue or profit milestones.  But If your goal is to own a more valuable business by this time next year, you may want to add the following targets: Take a two-week vacation without checking in with the office.  Why?  When you return, you’ll see how well your […]

The Power of Subscriptions for Every Business

Do you have a billion dollar business hiding inside your company? Asking customers to pay to join a special group of your best patrons can increase your revenue, encourage customers to buy new products and services from you, and provide a healthy boost to your cash flow.  At Amazon, in exchange for an annual fee, […]

How to Thrive as a Middleman

Being a middleman (or woman) has become risky.  When you resell other people’s product, you biggest value is your location.  However, since content can be streamed or shipped overnight, being local is becoming less relevant.  Even if you have a protected geographic territory, pricing information available to your customers through the Internet will eventually grind […]

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